Monday, March 17, 2014

Travels and Found Art

The month of February my husband and I had a lovely meandering trip through Florida, heading off via Savannah, Georgia.   My eye is always drawn to signage, murals and other found art wherever I go.  This trip, though, I actually had two destinations in the itinerary because of their art.

My old pal Donna, who lives in Florida, sent me an article about off-the-beaten-path places which included a piece on the Low-Key Hideaway motel in Cedar Key.  This is a funky, old 50's 5 room motel that the owners have transformed into a magical place.  Pat Bonish transformed the outside and grounds with an explosion of assemblage, including bottle walls, bicycles on the roof, dolls on the walls and the amazing Tiki Bar.  Cindy Bonish decorated the rooms with a comfortable eclectic mix.  For me, it was a wonderful stay in an art installation! Everyday I discovered one thing after another. I had found some great black & white dotted shoes in a 2nd hand store in Savannah and made some photo set-ups with them here, as it seemed the perfect place to do that.  

Cedar Key itself, by the way, is a great 'old Florida' town that, although it has its touristy aspect, is wonderfully laid back and still has a clam and fishing industry. Some of my own photos are below, but you can check it all out online at   By the way, we liked the Low Key Hideaway and Cedar Key so much that we went back for a 2nd visit during our trip.


In a book called 'Weird Florida' [and yes, it is a whole series of books about weirdness through the U.S.] I found out about The Bowling Ball House in Safety Harbor,  so this became another destination. Todd and Kiaralinda began this art house 20 years ago after discovering some free bowling balls.  They now have this house creation and garden, a guest house across the street, art cars and are just about to open an art center in downtown Safety Harbor.  When we were there, Kiaralinda and three women were making mosaic panels which will cover the exterior walls of the new center.  She also told me that they had just been filmed by HGTV and eventually their segment will appear on Extreme Homes.  Their garden has previously been featured on Outrageous Backyards.  I purchased their children's book about their art for my granddaughter and made a photobook of my own photos for her as well. Check it all out, including their art, restaurant design and more at

Crazy art and signage is everywhere and I am always catching it in photos.  Travel is great.  Life is good. Art is alive.

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  1. Makes me want to head south! Such whimsy and color and captured joy. Thanks for sharing it, E :-)


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