Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Healing Heels! Collage inspiration.

Shoes and art are a definite combo for me and 'Healing Heels' definitely was inspiration.

One day the Ladie's Home Journal magazine began appearing in my mailbox.  Now I don't think of myself as a LHJ person but apparently it was coming free-of-charge, so here it was for a browse-through and recycle.  But this month I'm glad it came.  They have a little feature on the last page called "Back Story' where they publish photos from individuals with an accompanying piece about the photo.

Healing Heals is excerpted from photographer Lauren Wakefield's blog about her battle with cancer.  Her heading quote for the LHJ piece is 'My best friend knew that if I was going to kick cancer's butt, I would need a seriously fierce pair of shoes to do it.'  Laura goes on to share how she dressed up for her treatment days, as 'looking good made me feel better.'  Yes, mam!!

You can check out the full story at Lauren's blog, here.  Click within this blog-post to see her original post about the shoes.  

Healing Heels - Lauren Wakefield

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