Sunday, February 26, 2023

Cedar Key - Bayou Time!

Cedar Key is indeed a key, an island;  a little corner of Florida on the West Coast that juts out into the Gulf of Mexico.  There are also many inlets, canals and as I like to call them, bayous.

The photos these two collages are based on were taken from both sides of the bridge crossing the Lewis Pass Canal and some of the buildings house clam 'races', where seed clams are raised.  Cedar Key is famous for its clams.

It also became apparent that Pink and Yellow Bayou have decided that they would work very well as a side-by-side pair when they're in mood and don't want to just be the individuals they are.

Pink Bayou collage - Cedar Key


Yellow Bayou collage - Cedar Key

By the way,
Sheila Baby and the yellow boat are Cedar Key residents too.  Sheila has a sister boat, Baby Cakes, who has appeared in other collages.

Our visit is coming to an end here. I have some images that caught my eye, so perhaps another post is upcoming.





  1. ... wonderful stuff as always .... visit over so soon ? ... well, you did stay in Savannah for quite a while .... see you when you get back ......

  2. Love the beachy colors and island- type vibes here! Deb Booth of Different Light Studio


Thanks for sharing!