Thursday, March 2, 2023

Cedar Key Adeiu! Leaving you with a visit to the Wabi Sabi Cottage and the Retro Beach Babes Bungalow

Just a few more days of our lovely stay in Cedar Key.  Quite a bit more crowded than other years when we came in January, but more abundant birds and flowers.  Rhododendron were blooming everywhere this week. 

I haven't captured every interesting cottage, shop or building here yet, and continue to be inspired by the vintage coastal architecture.  Some of my collages from the past, primarily businesses, are now 'historic'; as they are no longer here and their buildings revamped.

Wabi Sabi cottage has kept it's aged gray cedar siding and landscape, with a  touch of whimsy in the flower pot bicycle basket.  The Japanese term "Wabi Sabi' refers to an aesthetic concept that finds beauty and serenity in objects, landscapes, designs, etc., that are simple and imperfect.  My amplified color and image abundant aesthetic may not be Wabi Sabi per se, but I think they're having a fun mash-up.

Wabi Sabi Cottage collage - Cedar Key


This purple, yellow and green cottage is as almost as vibrant as in the collage, where I have amplified the colors some.  It echoed for me the colors of my collection of vintage, retro 'beach babes'; a retro term for their male counterparts, 'beach bums'. The colorful bungalow is a perfect gathering place for the them. 

Retro Beach Babes Bungalow collage - Cedar Key

 If you follow my blog, I hope you've enjoyed traveling with me.  Next post sometime from somewhere about something. See you then.



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  1. Ahh, love the bathing beauties! And the fetching “come hither” smile of the model in the first collage is delightful. Deb / Different Light Studio


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