Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Out and About in the 'Boro

I don't know if people really call our town, 'the 'Boro', but I like the ring.  My 'regional' collages have a fare share of  'hometown' favorites and these are the latest.

Willy's Ice Cream is a long time popular landmark.  Founded in 1995, it occupies a corner of a shopping center parking lot, closes for the winter and has a wonderful retro feel. And yes, the ice cream is great.


Willy's Ice Cream - Waynesboro series


This house has caught my eye before, but recently while driving by, the light was on it just so and I said to my husband, 'Stop the car! Pull over!' and I jumped out and got some shots.

White House on Main - Waynesboro Series

Till another time.


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