Saturday, May 13, 2023

Painting It Orange with Jess

I've featured Jess in more than a few of my collages; usually inspired by interesting and wonderful photos she herself posts.  Jess is an artist and owns a nifty shop and studio called Paint It Orange.  We've been talking about a little upcoming collaboration, so I've been looking at images of Orange, VA

Jess was indeed working on her car in this photo with the wrench, but more automobiles joined the party.

Auto-Matic Jess collage


Current collaged travels to Orange...

On Main Street collage - Orange, VA

Alices At Mayhurst collage - Orange, VA

Paint It Orange collage - Orange, VA

I lived in Orange in the mid-70's to '80's with my former husband, Perry.  Jess' father, Bill - also an artist - was  a good friend of ours and grew up in Orange. Bill and Perry still do all sorts of projects together.  Bill and his wife Nancy are part of the Rockfish Gallery.  Here is a favorite self-portrait of Bill, which lives in my front hall.


Self-Portrait - Bill Walters


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  1. AnonymousMay 13, 2023

    So many great mashups of disparate things that you somehow manage to bring together in a pleasing whole. (Deb Booth)


Thanks for sharing!