Thursday, September 18, 2008


I've been in such an energy flow to create this blog and my still-under-construction website. I've been creating in the Studio for years, was part of a co-op gallery for awhile, but mostly worked for myself, collaborating here and there. But now the need has emerged to share and so I'm saying hello and dancing on the web.

There is another work in my life which has been more prominent with my art always as the balancing point. It's still present, still prominent but for now, the art flow is what is speaking, singing, dancing and has captured my focus and energy.

I live in a beautiful small city near the Blue Ridge mountains, which feeds and supports many aspects of my life. But not my art. So I am casting my DEconstructed/REconstructed beings, with their secret inner stories out into the world.

These Alpha Girls gather together in their colorful boxed world, carrying secrets of the letters of life. The box is about 6"wide by 8" tall.

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