Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Winters travel to Florida

This has been such a long, intense Winter, I was really looking forward to a February trip to Florida. We like the Gulf Coast near St Petersburg, where we've visited once before. This time we were going to stay at the beach. We found a wonderful interesting unique cottage, Casa Des Gatos, in Madeira Beach, which has the lovely walkable little village of John's Pass a couple of blocks down the road and were set for sun and shore.

Alas, it wasn't a fully wonderful trip. An overnight and half a morning delay at the airport before we even left Virgina. Rain, radically cold Florida weather - never got even into the 50's! - gray days and end with my husband getting a flu-like virus which totally knocked him out for 2 days! Arrrgh.

Our little cottage was lovely, even if we barely got to appreciate the wonderful gardens, but we did appreciate the cottage cats. And we spent one of the few sunny days with my old friend Donna, sitting in our cottage, drinking a lovely wine, eating area delights like a fish pate and sharing and talking and talking.

Still, St Petersburg is the home of the Salvador Dali Art Museum and we got to spend a wonderful morning there. Downtown St Petersburg also hosts a fabulous Saturday Morning Market and is there I found a wonderful Mermaid tile, which I have used an element from in my Mermaid torso here. Naturally, all the shells I found are in the piece as well. So I now have a wonderful personal evocation of the trip and the sea.

You can see the original tile and much more at How to Be A Wild Woman. The website is a collaboration of three friends, Julie, Lore and E'Layne under the guise of 3HipChics. You can't go wrong with a website that says, " We believe in wonder, magic and the power of dreaming big."

As my usual, I did a small collage journal of the trip. I like the collecting and gleaning part of these travel journals and sometimes I include images just because they like them even if they are not reminders of any specific experience. My motto is 'If I find it there, it can go in the journal.' Of course, I am not opposed to including most anything I am drawn to in most anything I create. I hold very limited rules in art.
torso back

I'm still working have on the book design
for my friend, Jerry Boyd. Shift Happens - A Novel of Awakenings, is a tale of other worldly connections, meetings and understandings with a personal discovery embedded within it.

And lastly, my dear friend, Perry Fitzhugh has debuted his website of images, links and more at Folly Productions.com, dedicated to encouraging the production of folly. Folly - that which is at first perceived as foolish but in time, is seen as valuable.

Perry shares his quirky photos and unique take on things with me regularly by email and I'm so pleased he's finally on the web. His links page has some good people to check out as well. His site is a work-in-progress, so it's worth checking back to see what's next.

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