Sunday, June 27, 2010

Travel and Tattoos

I've been traveling and planning to travel, so my attention has been elsewhere. But travel is a vital interest of mine and this suitcase assemblage is a tiny homage to travel. The piece is entitled 'She was often gripped with the desire to be elsewhere' which is the tag-line of the postcard that inspired this box.

Recently, I came across the post card which had been sent to me by my dear friend Francine in 1982. She knew it would speak to me and it has spoken to me again, 28 years later.

I scanned in the original postcard and as you can see, I colorized and amped it up. The box uses a motif of vintage travel stamps, as well as a vintage toy car, a billboard, a cup & saucer for all those wonderful roadside diners and an enigmatic traveler. The postcard on the car is a copy of the writing on the original card. Words from Francine past to future.
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This Kat shoe was a serendipitous piece.
I found the doll in my local Goodwill and realized that she really looked like the extraordinary tattoo artist, Kat VonD. So this shoe was inspired by and a bit of a homage to Kat. The metal star under her left eye holds the energy of the star tattoos the real Kat has on her face, the beading on her shoulder does the same. The back of the shoe is decorated with a chain and beads, also echoing Kat VonD's metallic edge.

I often have pieces in the studio 'under construction' for periods of time. But in between pieces, I enjoy doing collages - old-school paper collage and digital collage. I especially like making -digital mini-collages as cards for friends. I find it interesting to hold that person in mind and create an image that holds elements of what they have shared with me. I always hope my sense of what I've understood will speak to them too.

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