Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sometimes you just go with the flow - and these shoes came in just that way. One of the 'Art Girls' walked into the studio awhile ago with a pair of fantastic, white fabric shoes from Italy. Her friend was a cellist and had these as 'stage' shoes, but changed-up her outfits often, so these beauties got to become art, since fortunately no one else could wear them! I was totally inspired.
This piece came together in a flash. Her lovely head appeared from a stash of baby doll heads- her lovely woman countenance the only one in the group. White roses emerged from the flower baskets and the pearls appeared from the bottom of the glitter basket instead of the jewelry basket where they should have been. Everything just came to hand and she's become a favorite.

Pearlized Rose - altered shoe

The lovely brown peau de soie shoe emerged from the top of a cabinet while I was looking for something else. Brown - hmmm, not my usual color. But brown led the day. Velvety leaves revealed themselves hiding behind stems of flowers. The doll head's abundant hair seemed to just flow over the shoe and so atypically, the hair stayed. I found the doll face a little too 'girlish' but painting her lips dark brown and masking her eyes seemed to change things enough. The sheer golden brown ribbon, though, was the final touch - linking everything together and adding a touch of mystery as it also masks the 'girl' energy.

Copper Estelle -altered shoe

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