Thursday, April 12, 2012

Info Puppet & Photoshop Elements 10 new Recompose Tool

I mentioned my upgrade to PSE 10 the other day and my excitement over the new Recompose Tool - which easily lets you eliminate parts of a photo and/or resize a photo while retaining the whole of the picture, vs just cropping.

I experimented with this tool today and realized I kept missing some part of the written instructions, because it wasn't working as I expected it to.  SO when this situation shows up, I google for video demonstrations and what did I find but Info Puppet on YouTube.

Info Puppet's directions are exceptionally clear and easy to follow and also very funny. I loved that he called the Recompose Tool the 'Bad Boyfriend' tool, since we were going to eliminate the boyfriend from the photos.  

But most of all, I just loved the whole surreal aspect of the video being narrated by a puppet head with a great puppet voice.  

Check him out.  Learn & be amused.  


  1. What an absolute HOOT, E - loved this! And loved learning more about a tool I haven't used yet. Thanks for leading the way, once again ;-) Hugs, Deb

  2. We can start an InfoPuppet fan club!

  3. Elisabeth, SIGN ME UP for the fan club - this may be the most hysterical thing I have ever seen - laughed till I rolled on the floor. Info Puppet is right on. He GETS it. Not only his voice, his eyes ocassionally rolling around and upward, but also the MUSIC!! Am sending all this to Chelsea and anyone else I think of who needs that fake friend and bad boyfriend deleted. Can't wait to try all these out for myself. Thanks!!! April

  4. Hi Deb, Altered and April,
    I am honored. I would love you three to be the beginning of the InfoPuppet fan club.
    Please leave me a comment on my channel or one of my video's and we will get things started.
    If you want post anything you want to learn on my channel and let me know it was the fab 3 (Deb, Altered, and April and I my next video will be on what ever subject you want to learn in PHotoshop Elements 10.

  5. Hi April, ALtered and Elisabeth!

    I am honored and would love you three to start the my official fan club.
    If you post a comment on my channel and let me know what you want to learn next
    in Photoshop Elements I will make sure my next video is on that subject. Just let me know
    the request is from one of the Fab 3 (April, Altered and Elisabeth!!!
    Thank you again for your support! InfoPuppet

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