Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Whew - weddings, moving, next steps & more

Well, where have I been??? I can tell you I have not been in the studio very much but I have had a few moments.  In late June my son's girlfriend got a great job in Oregon, in a little town 3 hours south of Portland.  Not the bright lights of that coolest city Portland, but it is in Oregon and a career move.  So a big move was on the horizon.  Next they decided to get married before the move, so wedding planning crowded the horizon as well.  In the end we had a lovely, Renaissance-Fair-type wedding - all vegan just as they wanted - and eventually shipped two young people who had yet to live far from family across the country to the next stage of their life.

The brides mum is a talented theater costumer and she made the bride's fantasy wedding gown and the groom's magical garments.  She also provide various bits and pieces of costume for the groomsmen as well.

I got in the act a bit with an art-shoe centerpiece for the head table.

The Magickal Wedding Party en costume

The Wedding Shoe

Sometimes birthdays are a godsend.  I like to make mini-collages for cards and it gets me back to working images once again.

Retro Birthday

Dancers a la Turkey

Truth & Beauty

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