Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Collage! Cards and stuff

My recent visit to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond also brought another discovery.  I was quite taken by a portrait of Marian Anderson by Beauford Delaney, which I first saw on the cover of the VMFA magazine.  Here's a link to the VMFA blog with a nice piece on the portrait.

Marian entered my scan collection and this is the collage that emerged. I don't recall what sent me in the 'retro' direction, but once there, I just followed that retro vibe.

Marian Goes Retro collage - with attribution to Beauford Delaney

Birthdays are always fun because I like to make collage cards with my friends in mind.  Here's a couple recent ones.

Future Portents for Leslie

Book Man collage  for Perry

Mimi's Dance

At this point, most of my collages are digital, using found images, some of which are enhanced or altered. Occasionally, I still create traditional cut and paste collages.

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