Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Urban 'Boro series

I've been 'off-the-grid' in my art world.  A couple weeks ago a dear friend had emergency surgery and we've been very focused in her recovery and the resulting many changes to her life.  But my 'Urban 'Boro' series that I began a few weeks back, has been rattling around in the back of my head. and I look forward to the next batch of collages.

Every day I walk on a greenway by the river here in town. The greenway is part of a reclamation project.  For decades this was an industrial area and there is still active use, but it is a small percentage from its heyday.  In its decline this urban part of our town is filled with many eroding, changing, decaying buildings - an urban landscape that always has appealed to me.  

In 'American Picker's' parlance, I see these buildings as 'rusty gold' - rusted treasures just as they are, un-refurbished.  So my eye and my hand phone camera have been capturing quite a few shots and details.  

I also have always loved commercial signage and buildings and there are many retro and vintage options here in town as well.  So I have entered my 'urban' series, with backdrops from my town. Many of the additional elements are also from around town, such as the surveillance sign, the green door and the two trucks. Now me being me, these images are also collecting some odd flourishes - so far I haven't seen a Lion in the field or a Zebra-headed lady -  but the backgrounds are what drives the creativity.  

What does it all mean?  Only that all these things speak to me in some way and I hope they may speak to you for a moment as well.

Urban River


Garden Party

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