Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Savannah is a great town and a favorite place of mine - the fabled Historic District an ultimate place for the urban walker.  The one-of-a-kind aspect is Savannah's 24 'squares' - park-like oasis all throughout the District, plus 3 'non-square' parks, including the vast 30 acre Forsyth Park.  Walk, walk, Sit awhile among the wondrous Live Oaks,Walk, Find coffee and good food - all abounds.. 

The elegant classic architecture of the Historic District is indeed beautiful, but Savannah is different from other historical towns, as it is the home of SCAD, the well-known Savannah School of Art and Design, so there is a grand eclectic mix of modern and funky among buildings with a long heritage. SCAD has saved and rehabbed at least 67 buildings in the historic District which are used as classrooms, galleries, residences etc.  Amongst all the history, my artist eye is delighted to find the urban oddments that always appeal to me.

No time while here to really collage, but I thought I would 'amp' - amplify and saturate  - the colors of some of my travel photos, which will hopefully find their way into emerging as fuller collages.   Having fun I am.

Streamliner Diner 'amped'

The Streamliner is a 1938 diner saved by SCAD and relocated to Savannah.  The Sandfly BBQ people lease it.  Great BBQ too.

Paddle Wheeler 'amped'
This grand old=style ship is available for cruises, parties and weddings.  My step-daughter Mia was married here in 1996.

Art Car 'amped"

Came upon this art car at the Market Square.  The artist is the gentleman in the blue plaid shirt.  He told me he didn't think he was an artist or that it was an 'art car', but that he had been working on it for five years and that he did like to bring it out to the Market for people to see 

Sofa Park amped1

Sofa Park amped2

These sofas are part of an installation of about six in the 'garden' of the SCAD gallery.  The walls are the remains of an early freight depot.  The museum itself is more of the recovered building.  The sofas are of a dense plastic.

Random fun...

And two last things worth mentioning.  I happened upon these great sketches on the street, next to the trash can.  I rescued them too. Of course.

Gotta love the tip jar at our favorite coffee shop, Gallery Espresso.  Ta da!

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  1. Love being able to "travel" with you. I think my fave shot was that of the bikes. Love the fact that you 'rescued' those sketches, too. Such fun!


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