Monday, March 26, 2018

Birthday's, Old Photos & Randomness

I recently had a significant birthday and leading up to it, I spent some time amongst my old photos and certain ones evoked memories that felt just right to capture in collage.

The 'me' in this photo captured a very free feeling and I decided an altered me from a Then, along with my totems and symbols, was  also perfect for being in this Now.

Spiraled collage

The original photo in this collage is of me fishing with my Dad; one of my favorite photos of us. The background is the Kiddieland on the boardwalk in Wildwood, N.J., our family's summer vacation place.  I've always loved to be renewed by that feisty girl's vibe.  I know she's still in here with me all these decades later.

I collect images all the time.  Wandering through Pinterest is a great bazaar of options and you can save them to your "Boards' and never worry about space or cost.  And there are days I just wander through my image files and see what 'pops' for me that day.  I've done a series of collages I call Anonymous Content, because they don't express an internal theme, but rather, emerge just from images I have on hand.  This collage began that way with the image of the drawing of a face, but once I came upon the Broken Crayons text, that started to orient the piece and so Anonymous became Broken Crayons. And some days I need to remember Broken Crayons Still Color.

Broken Crayons Collage

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  1. Indeed, broken crayons Do make beautiful pieces - witness your final collage here. Love the instrospective-but-not sense of these works. Thanks for sharing them!


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