Saturday, October 6, 2018

Dark Matter Series - Halloween and Dark Mysteries

Recently my husband introduced me to the term Dark Matters of the Mind.  He discovered it as the title of a book exploring all that occurs in the unseen, 'dark side of the moon' as it were, aspects of the brain.  But really isn't it such an evocative phrase??

It sequed right into the mood I've been dancing with lately and inspired me to delve into my 'dark palette' of images, many of which are associated with Halloween and dark mysteries.

Although I brought a certain emotional background to these collages, they are not really telling a specific story. Rather the images I was drawn to evoked the story that emerged.  I get to be part of the mystery as it goes along.  And in the end, I may or may not know the 'end of the story.'  


I Still Remember The Things You said

Crow Sisters

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