Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Hanging round and about West Asheville, NC 2019

West Asheville, the eclectic, little bit funky, place you want to be at in Asheville, North Carolina.  Our dear friends Liz and Morris gave us a call and said come on down and off we went. Walking, great restaurants, porch sitting, art, a good time was had indeed.

Liz and Morris Heart House

The Beauty Parade - what a name!  Salon and make-up and the wonderful vintage-looking photo was right there in the window.  I was super excited when I found the perfect vintage woman to go with her.  And the lipsticks are really those colors!  "Mood Changing" lipsticks from the 60's, which  I discovered you can still buy at the Vermont Country Store, which carries many old brands.

Beauty Parade - West Asheville  

West Asheville is filled with vintage bungalows, old and funky, beautifully restored, new and everything in-between.  But what has also been joining the streets is a super modern look, touted as energy efficient, with crisp lines and pops of color.  And somehow, this new style fits right in.

Yellow Door West Asheville Moderne    

Every funky place needs a good vintage shop and West Asheville has several, including the nicely painted  Twice Round Vintage.  Of course, I did amplify the colors but that wall is a screaming blue.

Twice Round Vintage - West Asheville

I typically like to do what I call my 'regional collages' while I'm visiting a certain place.  But these two from Savannah came home in bits and pieces and came together in Virginia.

208 E Jones Street - Savannah

Two Cats and a Doll - Savannah 
 The two cats and the doll in the window are in the window of this house just as you see and inspired me to take the photo. The retro woman was in an advertisement for Black Cat cigarettes.

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