Friday, October 30, 2020

Halloween, Hallows, Day of the Dead

 Hidden Realms,  the Veil Between Worlds, Magick and Mystery, Celebrating Loved Ones Gone. Embrace the Moon. Listen to the Earth. Invite the Others.  This is that time of the year.


Michael @ Hallows collage      


Day of the Dead - Mi Dio de los Muretos collage

For Anthony & Rose, Elizabeth, Julia C, Peter, Helen, Martha, 

Oscar, Christian, Dave, Pat, Jerry, Julia H and Jim


Hallows Past...

Frida at Hallows collage

Bad Dolly Trick or Treat collage


I Still Repeat the Things You Said collage

All Halloweend collage



  1. Love the BATCAT in your latest! Does the guy in the chair represent anyone in particular?

  2. I love the 'I still repeat...' collage!


Thanks for sharing!