Monday, February 14, 2022

Savannah Victoriana

We're staying in the Victorian District of Savannah and the abundancy of these lovely homes is amazing. Not surprisingly, Savannah puts a lot of effort in restoring and preserving their historic properties and organizations like SCAD and the Historic Savannah Foundation work toward this goal.  Like other cities, there was a time when people didn't recognize the value of  the past and 'old' and significant buildings were destroyed. As often happens, the spark of one person and then a core of people worked to rectify the situation. Check out the story of Anna Colquitt Hunter.

Artistically, I have found it interesting working with the Victorians, as they hold a very strong, defined energy and some elements just don't seem to work well with the central image and I find I must let the building itself lead the way.  Naturally.

East Park Avenue didn't mind hosting our Doc Martin girl, but maybe it's all that tulle that was the right vibe.

East Park Avenue Victoriana - Savannah

Amethyst Garden is indeed that vivid shade of purple - a bit amplified  here- and once again, my friend Deb Booth provided the perfect enhancement, the lovely purple Lotus flower.

Amethyst Garden on Hull Street - Savannah

This 'wedding cake' white Victorian was the most demanding in which elements were acceptable, including being in a vertical format.  White was totally the theme but after many iterations, the red balloon was accepted.

White House on Hall - Savannah

And in the Victorian tradition,


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  1. Love, love, LOVE these pieces!! Keep up the great work - so pleased to be a part of them <3


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