Saturday, June 4, 2022

Murals and Mid-Century Modern Meet-Up

Two of my favorite things ~ street art murals and mid-century design!  Always catches my attention and always inspiring.  It's quite fun discovering what images will accompany the main image or gather together at random [well, seemingly random as there is always a 'vibe' pulling things together.]

The mural, on what was once a ice plant and is now boarded up, is a Waynesboro, VA landmark.  She is Kaiya With Tulips by Nils Westergard, a Belgian-American artist and film maker based in Richmond, VA.  Kaiya is also quite well known in wider circles, as it was voted #1 on the Top 100 Urban Art 2019 list by Streetart360   My morning walk on the Greenway takes me past her everyday and I regard her with great affection.

Kaiya of Waynesboro collage

The Mid-century Modern house in the collage was not the inspiration of the collage.  My ongoing muse, Jess, posted a photo of herself in what I deemed as echoing mid-century sensibility and I was inspirted to place her and her dog in the mid-century setting.  

Mid-Century Jess collage

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