Monday, October 31, 2022


I used to really celebrate Halloween, with costume fun and parties.  Helping my child find or make the perfect costume and all the Trick or Treaters at the door. Not so much these days, but I can still explore those oook-spooky  and Between the Realms themes in collage.

 My friend Jess, often my muse, is thoroughly enjoying the Halloween season and she is the inspiration of this collage.  

Halloween Hostess collage


Not specifically Halloween, but certainly oooky spooky.

I Still Repeat The Things You Said  collage


And for that Between the Realms aspect...

Ascension collage


and they even provide a sign to show the way.  But a decal is required!



Till next time.

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  1. XanderScholarNovember 03, 2022

    I think during the Plague Years I became more introverted and my method of marking the wheel of the year became more internalized. Appreciating the changing colors of the seasons, indulging in spooky media, eating pumpkins, that sort of thing. I have less to prove to the outside world these days.


Thanks for sharing!