Friday, July 7, 2023

Anthony, The Aces and Crow

Today marks the 36th year since my father, Anthony,  passed from this realm.  He came home from World War II with a Silver Star, which I did not learn of until he passed.  He worked as a civilian for  Naval Air for 40 years and went through life-changing physical challenges of major proportions in my teen years. But through everything, he was that Dad that holds you close, is there for you as best he can be and you know you are always his best you.

People always commented the he looked like the actors Victor Mature and Robert Mitchum and he did carry a kind of gravitas that they portrayed.  So they join him here in this remembrance collage.

Anthony, Robert and Victor collage

I'm always attracted to quirky people and loved an image I came across of The Aces, a wonderful sister group. They are living out loud their story of becoming with their music and, here, with a bit of pie.

The Aces with Pie collage

Crows are always in my sphere and this is my latest crow totem. I was very pleased when I came across the yellow feathers; a unique crow.

Yellow Crow collage

Till another time.


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  1. AnonymousJuly 07, 2023

    Your dad clearly had a huge effect on you, and helped shape you into the wonderful, talented human that you are. I’m glad he was here, and glad he was your dad. (Deb)


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