Friday, March 29, 2024

Crow Girl Tarot!

I was in a 'Crow' mood and decided to make a contemporary Crow girl.  I was drawn to heavy boots and a dark dress, a little bit Goth,  and after a bit our Crow girl here emerged.  The moody, somewhat mysterious background reminded me of a Tarot card and here we are.

Crow Girl Tarot collage

For our upcoming Member Show at the Shenandoah Valley Art Center - SVAC - I decided to  embellish the collage and mat. I was delighted to find among my bits and pieces the black crow pin which perfectly echoed the two crows in the collage and the perfect sparkly fabric to make the amplified skirt. 

Crow Girl Tarot collage embellished
11x14 frame

Till another time.


  1. I love this piece - strong and fierce and ready to protect her friends from any bad folks! (Deb)

  2. Elisabeth! Stunning! I love both pieces equally (I think!) and love how Crow Girl is already transforming herself by shifting dimensions a bit!
    Thank you! You and Crow Girl are loved! D


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