Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shoe Art @ Shoe-fiend, Galleries and more

Recently I received a lovely email from Paula McClelland in the UK.  She has a blog called 'shoe-fiend' and created a post about searching around for art shoes.  She found my Violet Shard shoe [one of my personal favorites!] and included in her it blog.  I loved to travel even if it's in cyberspace.  And I love that she included a link to and took the time to send me an email as well.  Check out Paula's blog -

Had a great day in Richmond yesterday. Saw a terrific show at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
Tom Wesselmann - Pop Art and Beyond. Zing!

You can tell this is fun, but it is really gigantic -10'x16' - which quadruples the effect. It was quite a new thing to use advertising and product images in fine art.

Still Life #35

I had an image, as a card and poster, of this Wesselmann painting for years and years. It was great fun to turn a corner in the current show and there it was. Pop!

Bedroom Painting #7

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