Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gift Art!

Recently I received a wonderful mixed-media collage from my step-daughter Mimi.  Well, 'step-daughter' is the conventional description, to me she is my 'heart daughter'.  I loved the old photo of me, circa 1976, and my totem crow feather and spiral and all the embellishments.  I recalled the sewing machine and thought it came from the studio I had at that time when I was working with a lot of fabric and soft sculpture.  

Mimi told me there was much more to the story.  In fact, the sewing machine is hers, which she has used since all those years ago, and that I gave it to her at that time. The sewing basket is an image of her own basket and the case with Mimi in block fabric letters, was one I made for her scissors! In thinking on it, I remember better but still feel the sewing machine is the one I had.  I more specifically remember it as one her father used for making kites and I can see us happily passing it along to her.  In any event, I loved having a warm memory come back to me as art.  

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