Friday, January 26, 2018

Found Images~Savannah

Savannah has a lot of art - in galleries, on walls, 'artsy' signage. It's kind of like old-school radio, finding a great tune that you weren't looking for or knew about - it just pops up.

These first two collages are based on images that 'popped up'. 

The "As Seen On TV' image was not in a gallery, but in the hallway of  SCAD building.  I was attracted to the TV bit and took photos through the glass.  The dot background was part of the original wall. but taking the photo through the glass distorted everything and when I amplified the colors I got the background you see in the collage.  The Pay Here and Dot signs are actual Savannah signs.  Dot is a free bus around time and Pay Here is a public parking lot.  The woman is a docent at the SCAD museum,  She just seemed so perfect as a perky student docent that I asked to take a picture. The docents carry tablets to show you more info about the installations. I colorized her skirt for this piece.

As Seen On TV collage ~ Savannah

Found Art collage is just that.  The background is a photo of a part of the well-collaged bathroom from a favorite coffee shop, Gallery Espresso.    The photo is amplified and tweaked a bit.  The vintage people seemed a perfect counterpoint.

Found Art Collage ~ Savannah

The Vintage Ladies incorporate another kind of found image.  I was googling about Victorian architecture in Savannah and found the hand-tinted photo of the Lovely Ladies, as well as a vintage postcard of the Lovely Suited Ladies.  Thank you Google.  The background is the famous fountain, built in 1858, in Savannah's well-known Forsyth Park.  I can't truly attest that these are ladies of Savannah, but they are now.

Vintage Ladies of Savannah collage

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