Saturday, January 27, 2018

Roots Up Gallery ~ Savannah 2018

A trip to Roots Up Gallery is always on my Savannah To-Do-List. As described on its website, it is a place celebrating Southern Folk Art, Local & Regional Artists...with Unique Finds from Creative

I had a bit of a shock when my first foray revealed that the gallery was no longer there! But Google happily revealed that they had simply moved and their new space was terrific and only a few blocks from our place here.

Last year my fondness of Roots Up prompted a collage of their old Liberty Street shop and as you can see Patsy Cline is a fan too. You can check out the whole post here.

I am also once again a most fortunate gal because my husband got me an early birthday gift ~ a most wonderous Frida Kahlo inspired piece by Reverend Johnny Ace.  This is my second piece by the Reverend from Roots Up ~ which was last year's birthday gift.  Happiest Birthdays to me!

Frida Kahlo & Her Monkey With Elvis On Their Minds
by Reverend Johnny Ace

Frida will surely compliment all the crowd from Rock and Roll Heaven.

Everyday Scenes of  Rock and Roll Heaven
by Reverend Johnny Ace

You can follow Roots Up on Facebook.  In my 2017 post, I mentioned  Betty Nathan, a Savannah assemblage artist who lived well into her 80's.  Roots Up was curating many pieces from Miss Betty's life-long collection and the first show is coming up, so I'll be checking Facebook on this one myself.

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  1. Happiest of birthdays indeed - and you get to enjoy your present even longer because of getting it early!! Did you show the Roots Up folks your collage? I bet they'd want one......................


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