Tuesday, January 16, 2018

More from Cedar Key Florida

Although it's the 'Old Florida' architecture that captures my eye in photos and collage, Cedar Key is a place of wonderful natural beauty.  We typically end every walk-about through town with a walk by the Gulf edge, the docks and by the small beach.  There are so many birds here.  This year we live by a flock of Roseate Spoonbills. An Osprey likes a perch right off our deck. And the Brown Pelicans are ubiquitous.  

The 1842 Daily Grind is a great addition to life in Cedar Key and the only place to get a cappucino or latte, with superior brewed coffee as well. Add to this an excellent and unique breakfast and lunch menu and it's a special place.  My personal favorite thing is the retro phonograph spinning vinyl, which I've featured in the collage. Johnny Mathis, Tom Jones ballads & Edie Gorme.  No actual octopi were on the roof last I looked.

1842 Daily Grind~ Not The Country Store collage ~ Cedar Key

Island Arts is one of two galleries in Cedar Key. Cedar Key Keyhole gallery is just  a wander down the block. We always find a treasure in Cedar Key.  And although I've amplified the colors, the bright turquoise and green facade definitely was collage calling.

Island Arts~Cedar Key

Cedar Key Pizza is just the best. Unique pan pizzas loaded with toppings.  A tiny carry-out they're well organized and set up to make pizza. Great to watch them at work.

I am usually attracted to the Coastal colors,  but I came upon this abandoned cottage and just felt the past within it.  

Bygone Cottage~Cedar Key

It was colder here this trip - the 2018 freeze came this far, but the cozy inside warm-up time made a nice space for collage.  The silver lining.


  1. Love seeing and feeling Cedar Key filtered through your senses.

  2. Love the art that is flowing through you!


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