Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Art Dream

Art Dream is a collage that emerged from just what is says - a dream about art.

The evening of the dream I had watched two television programs about artists on Halogen tv - a quirky little network on cable and online  They have programs with a contemporary flare and a line of shows about art and artists - Aperture, Art In Progress, Desination Art and more.

This particular night featured Tim Nobel and Sue Webster, 2 uber-contemporary artists.  I was especially struck by Nobel & Webster's Dirty White Trash, an assemblage of trash arranged precisely to cast a shadow of the couple themselves.  

Dirty White Trash _ Tim Nobel & Sue Webster

The other program featured Laurie Simons  Laurie uses ventriloquist dummies, puppets, paper cut-outs, miniatures and more to create amazing photographs and films.

The Music of Regret stars Meryl Streep [!] with Laurie's creations and songs.

The dream began with a video scene of me saying that I was going to use everything in my studio to make an on-going assemblage.  The first thing I did was create a tower of shoes - using some completed shoe art and all the shoes I had on hand for future pieces.  I then spent a lot of time searching in second-hand stores for a large cabinet. Back in the studio I then began adding to it and gluing on it everything at hand.  The dream then moved on to some old fantasy projects I've enjoyed musing about for years - making an ongoing assemblage out of a wooden storage building, a vintage gas station and a retro diner.

The collage itself includes mini-collages of each of the design elements.  Details within the collages include some of my favorite retro images - a Nash Metropolitan, vintage toys, mannequins, a Kit Kat clock, as always, dolls & doll parts and so on.

I like to think of this collage as a sketch-book - holding the promise of future work.

Art Dream

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