Saturday, May 4, 2013

Red Dress Lady

I have themes and colors and things that just catch my eye over and over again.  Red!  Red dresses, red things, red retro things.  I do like retro - 1930's-70's for me and vintage - pre 1930 - and I love super amped colors. Yellow! and Grunge.  Lately I've been printing my digital collages on glossy photo paper because I just like that high gloss look and feel.  I like to use high gloss glazes on my assemblages too.

I found 'red dress woman on a bench' looking for who-knows-what and knew I wanted to do a piece with her.  She was part of a larger photograph which I had amped the colors on.  I then extracted the woman of the bench. I couldn't do without the 'Magic Extractor' aspect of PhotoShop Elements. They must have a patent on it, because any other extraction tool I've tried, just doesn't work as easily or well as the Photoshop one.   

Browsing through my image collection, images started to gather and I noticed they were all juicy red.  I got side-tracked with about a 1/2 hour of looking at gear pngs.  I love that gear element, now so popular with steampunk.  Now I've got a growing collection.  An easy way to become a gear-head yourself is to go to my favorite go-to site, Cliker.  Search for gears and there you go.  You can also edit the images on the site and make your gears in your favorite colors.  The Cliker pngs all have transparent backgrounds which make them super-perfecto for collage.  

Red Dress Woman 

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