Friday, August 1, 2014

Tough Girls Two

Yeppo,  I am still dancing with Tough Girls.  This piece turned out to be thematic - all these Girrrls are from the world of comics, gaming and animae.  I  once again just had fun just searching in this category, although I added comics, anime, gaming, etc to the mix.  I collected by image, but afterwards searched out the characters themselves.  Am happy to report there is a plethora a these ladies out there, which pleases me immensely. Wonder Woman, Tank Girl, Death, Storm are old favorites of mine and now I'm checking out the new girls.

Tough Girls Two

I've gone one to order some new comics.    Orchid by Tom Morello, of the group Rage
Agaist the Machine

and Black Orchid by Neil Gaiman

                                                    who is also the author of an old favorite, Death    

Lucky me! Next up Tough Girls in film.

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  1. Glad to see that you've found a topic that has really grabbed your soul, and won't let go for a bit. Exploring the new genres (or "other genres", as they've all been around a while) has to be inspiring, too - I bet you're storing up all KINDS of good images for future use!


Thanks for sharing!