Monday, January 23, 2017

Savannah! 2017

Savannah is such a favorite city of mine.  It's home to SCAD - Savannah College of Art & Design, and that adds such a vibrant element to the Historic & Midtown districts. In addition to art and creativity, SCAD is involved in preserving buildings, for the school use and more.  An eminently walkable town, it fills my cravings for the urban walk-about vibe,   

We're here longer than other times and that has opened up a lot of creative space for collage.  Like in Cedar Key, I am inspired by the sights I find in our wanderings and all these collages are based on my own photographs. Amplified and altered, of course.  I said to my husband that I'm a regional artist who goes to other regions.

Garden of Lambs - Savannah

Eat Pie - Savannah

I couldn't help but have my own response to the Ascension Parking Only sign.  These vintage characters were perfect for the mood,

Ascension - Savannah

Bradley's Lock & Key was founded in 1893 and is still fixing, unlocking, re-keying and so on. Peering through the windows, the place is chock full of vintage things of all kinds. Bradley's also has a ghost past.  Savannah supposedly is the most haunted city. I loved the sign.

We Fix Anything But A Broken Heart - Savannah

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