Saturday, January 14, 2017

More Cedar Key 2017

Cedar Key is an artsy town. Two galleries, funky colors everywhere, signage, art-ed walls on homes and businesses and lots of found-object gardens. Yes!!

This 'gallery' is a mystery.  An old, unused building right downtown on 2nd Street, which is the main street.  Last year I noticed a few found object sculptures nailed to the wall. This year more, including a painting.  So far I apparently haven't asked the right person, as I have not found out who the artist/s are.


The Dollar General store is a big deal here. 12 miles out of town on Route 24 on the 'mainland' it is the biggest store nearby.  There is the very neat and a bit pricey Market At Cedar Key right in town and a 7-11 type liquor store as well.  But for 'stuff' off to the Dollar General.  I found the donut mug featured in this collage there, A true 'gotta have it' item and for only a buck, why not indulge?

Dollar General Route 24

I love the look of the Blue Desert Cafe, but have yet to eat here.  It's a tiny place. Reviews say the food is good but everything takes a really long time. Those in the know bring a bottle of wine and are happy to hang out.

Blue Desert Cafe - Cedar Key



  1. Love getting to live vicariously!

  2. Everything here speaks to me. What a unique & totally amazing little two with treasures everywhere you turn. Love ut@


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