Monday, February 5, 2018

Savannah One More Time

Savannah continues to inspire me to be a 'regional artist' - in that the place itself with its historic, grand and funky architecture, continues to catch my eye and send me on quest for complimentary [to me, at least] images and components. Oh, that collage journey.

This collage begins with an interior shot of our place here which, yes, does include the Horse head; exaggerated a bit in size here, but not very much,  The actual horse head sculpture is made of resin and quite commanding.  I was fooling around with altering the original image and this version felt nicely eerie to me, so a collection of revenants seemed apropos.  The ghostly ladies are altered versions of couture models from a Christian Dior show.  Perhaps the fashion house itself was going for an eerie theme. 

Jones Street Revenants collage ~ Savannah

Found Art all around town.


And these two, found along the way,  have sat by the laptop for the duration.  

The cats are the business card for pet portraits by Michelle Perez @

The Pup had been cut up, but I found just enough words to google
 and find the work of David Laughlin.

And lastly, my typical travel self-portrait

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  1. Such fun memories you’re creating - along with wonderful collages!


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