Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Not Radioactive! Radiation Therapy collage

This is the 3rd collage in my 'breast cancer cycle' of 2023;  the last collage.  I'm hoping now to file that in my 'Past Health Events' folder and as the radiologist said,  in my rear-view mirror.  I ended three+ weeks of daily treatments on 12/28, just in time for the new year and the beginning of my annual Winter Trip. I was fortunate to have little side effects from the treatment and am confident any random cancer cells were eliminated by the radiation therapy.  Life may bring me something else but probably not a repeat of this specific situation.

I titled her 'Not Radioactive' as I noted that the booklet I was given about radiation therapy used that phrase three times.  I mentioned it to the techs and they said people do still carry a connection to radiation and radioactive.  My Crow totem was with me throughout the treatments; embraced by Crow wings.

Not Radioactive-Radiation Therapy collage

The 1st collage after the mammogram that discovered the tumor, 7 millimeter biopsy

7 Millimeters collage

The 2nd collage post-surgery to remove the 5 centimeter tumor

5 Centimeters collage

The collages in an embellished frame, with flowers sent by my friend, Donna.

Fini!! Series Complete.

Till next time.


  1. Oh Elisabeth, how I LOVE this 3rd collage! It depicts perfectly and embraces everything! Crow Protection, Crow Medicine. Bare feet and twinkle toes! A pink banner of love and courage and pinkbeonies blooming! Aaaah!

    1. Thank you for the lovely words.

  2. Beautiful, Flourishing Creativity🦋🌼💐


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