Monday, January 22, 2024

Cedar Key Finale - Tall House on 1st Street and A Girl and Her Dad Fishing

It's been a great time here in Cedar Key, even as it's been unseasonably cold most days.  Warmer temps are arriving, but we'll be on our way. January is very off-season here, which allows you to become 'regulars' at our favorite restaurants and wander the mostly empty streets and always find a bench by the Gulf to rest in our travels. Exactly why we choose this time of year for our visit.

I came across the vintage photo of the gentleman in flowered hats some time ago and knew it was a treasure.  The Tall House on 1st Street seemed the perfect backdrop for the pair. The Peonies are from vintage illustrations and the lettuces are from vintage seed packs; of course, all with a little alteration.

Tall House on 1st Street
Cedar Key series

I came across this retro photo of Cedar Key in the 1950's and was really drawn to use it.  The father and daughter here are based on my favorite photo of my own father and I.  It is also one of my dearest memories of doing things with Dad - deep-sea fishing on a 'big' boat 'way out' in the ocean, as I remember it. I'm not sure I actually fished on that occasion, but we did a bit of fishing in the same era in a small boat in the bay at Wildwood, NJ.  Later in life, I often joked that I was fortunate to not have a brother, because my Dad did all the 'boy' things with me and, perhaps, might not have otherwise.

A Girl and Her Dad Fishing
Cedar Key Series

A Girl and Her Dad
Wildwood, NJ

If you'd like to see all the Cedar Key collages from over the years, just type Cedar Key in the search box.

Next time - hellos from Savannah


  1. Such a great artistic set of reminders of CK, and a beautiful way to celebrate your time there (Deb)

  2. That is so sweet! And how creative! You two look so happy. Great memories. Glad you've enjoyed this leg of the trip. Brilliant to go off-season. 😊


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