Thursday, January 13, 2022

More from Cedar Key 2022

There's been cold, snow, and a broken water main at home, but weather here in Cedar Key has been perfect. Warm and sunny. Just what we came for; perfect for our long walks around town.

Post-walk afternoons are a great time for looking through the many photos taken on those walks and seeing which inspires what. I especially like working with the sound of the Gulf coming in.

Island Arts Gallery is a favorite of ours and many pieces have come back to Virginia with us over the years. Here, Ladies of the 1940's concur.

Island Arts Galley 2022~ Dock Street ~ Cedar Key

Dock Street is their second location since we've been coming to Cedar Key.  This is a collage from the 2nd Street location. Some of my Cedar Key collages have become 'historical', as they are of places or businesses no longer here.

Arts if Cedar Key ~ 2nd Street ~ Cedar Key

Kayaking is big here. The Gulf is mostly calm and there are many inlets and waterways a kayak is perfect for.  Kayaks are available for rent at the beachfront and their colors always catch my eye and the retro bathing gals agree.

Kayak Gals ~ Cedar Key

Cedar Key is full of island cottages with colors and colored accents, and as you can tell, I now have a collection of pink accent fish.  

Route 24 House, is the perfect foil to still another Deb Booth creation, the lovely Peony. We have had fun being collaborative across the miles.

Route 24 House ~ Cedar Key

As always, thanks for looking. 



  1. Love getting to go to the beach vicariously through your colorful creations! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. These colors and creativity lift me up. Back here in the snow, it looks like you're in the right place. I can almost hear the sound of the Gulf.
    Keep enjoying and sharing!


Thanks for sharing!