Friday, January 28, 2022

Artists, Donuts and Mermaids in Cedar Key

Our Cedar Key stay is coming to a close and even though we've been here awhile, it still feels too short.

A tiny town that sports two art galleries is a special place.  The Cedar Keyhole Artist Co-Op  was established in 1977 and continues to thrive.

Co-Op Artistry ~ Cedar Key

You can find quite a few lovely Victorian-style homes in Cedar Key, with their 'gingerbread' trim and sometimes vivid accent colors, like this 2nd Street beauty.  Although bright yellow cakes may not be typical, cats abound on the key.

Donut, Coffee & Cake on 2nd Street ~ Cedar Key

We spend most of our time on walk-abouts through town.  I had a lovely conversation with the owner of Blue House, which she described as always a 'work in progress'.  All the plant features and house/yard art are there, albeit 'adjusted' a bit.  She told me she discovered Cedar Key from a Jimmy Buffet song which mentions going down to Cedar Key and then a series of mysteries set in Cedar Key - which I myself read the first year we stayed here.

689 Blue House ~ Cedar Key

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