Thursday, January 6, 2022

Cedar Key again! 2022 Winter Trip

 For many years we have traveled south in January & February and Cedar Key, Florida is our first destination.  We were last here in 2020 and came home in March to a changed world.  2021 we stayed in our Waynesboro cocoon.  Immunized, boostered and flu shot too; with masks along for the ride and good friend Deb watching over the home front, we decided to venture out. 

Cedar Key is a small, funky what is called 'Old Florida' town on the Gulf coast in north central Florida. It boasts two art galleries, some restaurants, great old-style architecture and nature preserves.  Fishing, kayaking, birding are the main things - none of which we personally do, but for us Cedar Key is perfect for just  being, less doing and a deck that faces the gulf.

Dock Street, facing the Gulf ~ Cedar Key

But while I'm 'off the grid' in many ways, I have been spending time do collage while I look at the Gulf.  Everything here - especially the buildings, obviously - inspires me and I'm just having art-ing fun.

1 Old Mill Drive ~ Cedar Key

The wonderful  Beta fish on the left is the inspiration of this piece.  I think the house at 1 Old Mill Drive was the perfect background.  The Beta is quilled art created by Deb Booth. She often inspires me in so many ways.  You can check her art out at Different Light Studio

Beach Front Buddha ~ Cedar Key

The Cedar Key Beach Front Motel is actually the intense pink you see here, although a bit amplified in the collage. And the Buddha is indeed under the tree.  

The Prickly Palm ~ Cedar Key

The Prickly Palm is a new place to me, serving smoothies and acai bowls. I felt the extravagant fruit dish was a perfect accompaniment and the happy dog just caught my eye. I think his name is Sam. 

The Lizard House ~ Cedar Key

The Lizard House does indeed have an artful lizard on it, but he's been a bit amplified here. And if there is one flamingo, then naturally a flock should assemble.

Till next time.


  1. Soooooo glad you're relaxing and creating wonderful, fresh whimsies and fantabulous collages while unwinding! Thanks for the shout-out, and I love, love, love the collage with 'my' betta fish in it - but the happy dog face tops them all :-) Made me smile, just to see that pooch's happy visage!

  2. So sunny and colorful! How inspiring! Sounds like so much fun!


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