Sunday, January 23, 2022

Motorcycles in Cedar Key

 Cedar Key is a very popular in-state weekend and day trip kind of place.  It is usually very laid back here in January but this year, we have seen more people than ever, especially on the weekends. And a big part of those visitors are people on motorcycles.  Usually they travel together through town in groups and suddenly the two main drags - 2nd Street and Dock Street - are lined with bikes. So, of course, photos must be taken! Raven the Dog often greets people and that is his special Raven Xing sign.

2nd Street Motorcycles ~ Cedar Key

Searching for the vintage images for 2nd street, led me to a lot of images of biker girls in the 1940's, who perfect matched these vintage buildings in Cedar Key.

Biker Girls 1946 ~ Cedar Key

A couple years ago, this vintage trailer was an art studio and purveyor of a favorite Cedar Key product, a dip made with the local Mullet fish. There was a great sign on the road,  'Fine Art & Smoke Mullet'. It's in a section of town called Kiss Me Quick, which I was told because a  railroad once came here.  But in 2022, it's still there but empty and unused and the assemblage mermaid used to be on the roof and now lounges on the front porch.  Deb  Booth's wonderful Hibiscus is featured and in the motorcycle mode, this orange beauty was seen about town.


Arted Trailer ~ Kiss Me Quick ~ Cedar Key


I hope you enjoy these travel collages. Focusing in collage is a wonderful part of traveling for me and fun to share.

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