Saturday, February 17, 2024

Anonymous Content Savannah and Emeline

As you may know. I like to take photos of architecture, signage and all sorts of oddments and oddlings.  This collage is a collection of my recent finds in Savannah, including the frisbee player in a tutu and the running little girl in yellow, which while not actually together, were indeed together at the same scene.  I love such serendipities.

Anonymous Content Savannah Collage

I wanted a background from Savannah which would tie all the elements together.  I created it with elements from my photo of the entrance to the Matadora apartment complex.

The Green House stands alone on its block with nothing similar to it; other Victorians, but none quite like this. Pride of place was once the phrase.  I found an actual photo of the Boston Terrier in its delightful crocheted cap, wearing it quite regally, I would say.

Emeline of Green House collage
Savannah series

March will be here too soon, but am glad more wanderings are upcoming.

Till next time.

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