Monday, February 12, 2024

Yellow and Cherries! Savannah

Our girl in yellow came from a poster I saw in our favorite coffee shop.  I took a photo and waited to find the perfect pairing. Yellow house is totally that pop of color on the street; no need to amplify. Blue house next door is just as bright, but for another time. Yellow makes me happy. As it turns out our Ella here is Ella Rodgers, a young singer who loves songs from other eras. 

Ella At the Yellow House collage
Savannah series

Every day there's a bit of a wander and here, a sit in Forsyth Park, people and dog watching.  The park is well used for strolling, sports - Frisbee, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis and Hacky Sack, art and the weekly Farmer's Market.  This year we've seen a group of people offering to write poems for you. Last year, just two guys. It's part of what draws us back to this home away from home.

Sunday Frisbees in Forsyth Park
Love the blow-up sofa!

The River Walk here is a major place to visit; strolling along the Savannah River, hoping to see a large cargo ship pass by.  There are numerous shops and restaurants, and recently the Plant Riverside District,  once housing an old electric plan, extended the area, with more shops, hotels and a concert venue.  I came across these chairs set up for an afternoon outdoor concert. Our Lady of the Red Shoes was being photographed by a friend. Perfect moment for my photo.

Chairs and Cherries collage
Plant Riverside District - Savannah

Georgia Queen Meets Cargo Ship
Riverside Walk - Savannah

Till  next time!

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  1. Dear know I love it all, but oh that lady in red shoes! She's everywhere all at once and her feet are aglow like Dorothy's! So glad you are having so much fun and relaxation and JOY! Love you, D


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