Monday, February 19, 2024

Car Guys and the Elegant Lady - Savannah

 These two collages have very different feels, but they are both inspired by the buildings of Savannah and have characters from another era.

Not sure if the Car Spa is still an operating business, but it did have a couple cars parked in the side lot, including the old 'Beamer' featured here. 

CarSpa Savannah collage

The golden yellow doors of this building caught my eye again and again. But our elegant lady claims all the focus. 

Madame Hyacinth in Yellow collage
Savannah series

Till another time.

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  1. The guys at the car spa remind me of pics of my dad at a young age. AND he wore his shirts rolled up just like that and slid his pack of unfiltered Pall Malls in that cuff. It made 'em handy! Enjoying the little trip back to that era. Love D


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