Monday, February 26, 2024

Savannah 2024 Last call. Flowered 'Girls' and their houses

This is my final post from my Winter in Savannah.  I took the photos of both the lovely homes featured in these two collages on different days.  One phots was in my 'possible' folder and the other caught my attention and I went to work on it soon after I got the photo. When I looked in my 'Blog- Collages To Post' folder, I discovered they carried a similar vibe, even though they were not done at the same time.  The houses knew who and what they wanted. 

Yesterday, I walked on the street where the houses are and discovered they were neighbors - almost next door to each other! - one house between them.  I love life's little synchronicities. 

Twin Porches Savannah collage

Flowered Girls at Round House collage
Savannah Series

This is a photo of the houses on Whitaker Street, facing Forsyth Park.

Thank you
for sharing my travels with me.  

Till next time.

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  1. Love, Love! Would that we could have tea on the twin porches! D


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