Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Bradley's Lock and Key ~ 'We Fix Anything But A Broken Heart' Savannah

I love the old store front of Bradley's Lock and Key and it's motto, 'We fix anything but a broken heart.'  I was inspired several years ago by their parking lot sign to do a collage.

This year we went inside and I discovered the true wonders of Bradley Lock and Key - collections of all manner of things everywhere.  This lovely lady was sitting next to the giant bronze frog waiting for her key.  All the colors came together so strongly that, atypical of me, I asked if I could take her photo. I told her it was a perfect collage and she laughed and said yes.   Of course, I've amplified and altered and added elements, but the main image is as I first saw it.

Bradley Lock and Key was founded in 1883 and is the oldest continuous business in Savannah, as well as one of the oldest locksmith shops in the country. I discovered that the location is included in some of the Savannah ghost tours. The family had a connection to Houdini, and naturally people reported the site is haunted by Houdini, as well as many poltergeists and other visitations. It even has it's own Wiki page.

The Princess and the Frog at Bradley Lock and Key collage
Savannah series

We Fix Anything But A Broken Heart collage
Savannah series

Bradley Lock and Key vintage photo

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  1. Dearest E...spectacular! As ever, I am amazed and aglow with your creativity and quirkiness! LOVE YOU! D

  2. Loved this! What a neat insight into a small, niche business! (Deb)


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